Frequency Response:56–23,000 Hz ±3dB
Horizontal Dispersion:30°
Vertical Dispersion:57" (145cm) line source
High Frequency Transducer:XStat™ CLS™ electrostatic transducer
Panel Dimensions:57" × 8.6" (144.8 × 21.8cm)
Radiating Area:3,157 cm2
Low Frequency Transducer:DualForce™ double diaphragm, triple stator dipole low-frequency electrostatic transducer
Panel Dimensions:57" × 11.5" (144.8 × 29.2cm)
Radiating Area:4,228 cm2
Sensitivity:90 dB/2.83 volts/meter
Impedance:6 Ohms, 0.7 at 20kHz. Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers.
Recommended Amplifier Power:20‒450 watts per channel
Crossover Frequency:360Hz
Components:Thick film on alumina substrate resistors, air core coils, polypropylene capacitors, and custom wound toroidal audio transformers
Lighting:Light intensity dimmer controls
Inputs:Custom binding posts
Weight:50 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD):178.6cm × 65.4cm × 37.3cm