Synthesis Roma 510AC

There has never been an introductory integrated amplifier with the fit, finish and sound of the ROMA 510AC. At first glance, this stunning amp simply takes your breath away. This high performance amplifiers brings out the best of other components in the system. Created by those obsessed with great sound and for those who love great music. The result is 80 watts of pure pentode output per channel built around a double triode 12AX7 on input and a 12BH7 tube as phase splitter and a pair of KT88/6550 power tubes in push-pull configuration for a detailed, delicate and dynamic sound.

Power stage:2 x KT88/6550
Input stage:ECC83/12AU7
Power output:80W RMS AB-Class
Frequency response:20Hz to 20KHz +-0.5dB
Signal Noise ratio:>90dB, A weighted
Input:5 Input line.
Outputs:Pre out
Power consumption:280 W
Dimensions:410 x 330 x 260mm
Weight:25.0 Kg